Photo by Layra Marz | IG: @layramarzphoto

Are you feeling stuck? Emotionally constipated? Dead inside?

Most of us live in our heads all day long and feel disconnected from the rest of our bodies. I know how that feels! I once had a friend and colleague look at me and say, “You look dead inside.” At first, I was shocked and offended. I had to process her words all day long before I finally admitted… She was right! Nailed it! I was dead inside. Completely burned out by work and the demands of life, in general. Have you ever felt this way? Lost your spark?

I can help you regain your spark and strengthen your inner knowing. Call me for a free phone consultation. I offer individual coaching and therapy in both Manhattan and Hoboken, New Jersey with a couple of options. I’d love to hear what’s going on for you and see how I could help you or else refer you to other resources that might be a better match.

Clients who work with me over a short period of time notice things like….

=> significant improvement in self-esteem and personal empowerment

=> deeper connection to self and their body

=> fresh insights into personal strengths

=> greater capacity for intimacy

=> more flexibility with life challenges

Photo by Layra Marz | IG: @layramarzphoto

I have experience with helping individuals heal and process from….

trauma of all kinds

anxiety and depression

sexual and relationship dysfunction

Photo by Layra Marz | IG: @layramarzphoto

If you have tried talk therapy and feel like something’s missing, it could be that you will benefit from more playful, embodied work. Because our bodies hold memories (and great intelligence by the way), often our unconscious speaks to us more loudly through our body language and creative self-expression. Some people find that the blocks inside them move a lot quicker when they try out more embodied, action-oriented methods like drama therapy or creative arts therapy, for example. You can learn more about drama therapy by visiting

P.S. Engaging in therapy or coaching work can actually be fun! I promise!

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