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I help growing companies retain their top employees and prevent workplace burnout. I am here to help, so you can relax!

My Spark of Play Signature Program

Ready to get ahead of burnout and boost innovation, productivity and profitability?

Rapid growth and organizational change can lead to employee burnout, loss and ultimately a reduction in profitability. It’s a domino effect.

This happens when…

The passionate heyday of the company’s beginnings have faded. Employees have lost their shine as well with new work stressors and pressures that go along with company growing pains.

Top employees are making mistakes and more than one ball is being dropped. There’s an elephant in the workroom because no one wants to admit their true feelings of overwhelm. Sick days and time off are being requested more than ever.

A once happy work environment has turned toxic. Cliques have formed and employees have started competing with each other instead of working together. You can almost smell the distrust in the air…

But what if you could click the refresh button and transform the workplace into a happy, vibrant, super productive one again? 

It is possible, and I can help!

Success breeds success. When employees are happy and feeling supported, companies experience:

  • enhanced profits
  • employee retention
  • improved work relationships
  • more productive workforce
  • reduced expenditures
  • improved communication
  • renewed energy
  • increased innovation and creativity
  • positive and healthy work environment

I created my Spark of Play Signature Program especially to help growing companies ensure employee retention and prevent workplace burnout.

This is a 6-8 week program designed to suit the calendar of the company.

Bonus: The program offers a lot of support while taking very little time out of your employee’s work schedule.

Here’s what it looks like….

Week 1

Kickstart Stress Relief Workshop

A chance for cross-team connections, participants experience immediate stress relief and gain insight into their own play style and how they play together as a team. (2 hrs)

Week 2

Individual Discovery Sessions

Employees will learn efficient ways they can relieve stress at work and will receive their initial “Play Plan.” (20 minutes per employee)

Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6

Individual Stress Relief Sessions

Employees will be able to vent and express themselves creatively which will allow them to think more clearly when they return to work. (15-20 minutes per week for each employee)

Week 7

Co-Creative Problem Solving Workshop

Employees will explore shared issues in the workplace to gain insight, catharsis and develop flexibility in how they approach daily challenges. (2-3 hrs)

Week 8

Debriefing Session

Management will receive a full report on themes, insights and solutions that emerge from individual and group work with employees so that they can drive the ship forward in the right direction. (30 min)


  • All materials used in sessions are included.
  • Stress Relief Sessions also available to management when requested.
  • Energy healing also available upon request and may be used in tandem with playful stress relief sessions.
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