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“Jamie is very skillful and empathic, she is a great listener, provides a lot of safety and could really understand my issue. She was very quick at finding a way to work on it in a very powerful way and that was extremely insightful for me. I benefited greatly from doing this work with Jamie! Lots of gratitude!”

Nikolai, NYC

“I learned a lot of new information about my co-workers while seeing how we all played together! It was a great way to remember what you enjoyed doing as a kid and really be able to think about how you best destress and relax. Jamie is lovely and was able to control the room full of energetic and talkative women!”

– Emily E. , NYC

“Our session was by far the most impactful for me and adds another level of awareness when I communicate with my daughter. Thanks so much for your support.”

– Anonymous

“Working with Jamie was eye opening! While I’ve imagined what it would be like to achieve certain goals in the future, stepping into a play experience where I embodied that future made it feel much more real, tangible, and exciting. Jamie created a very safe and comfortable space for me to explore this embodiment!”

-Alex S., NYC

“I LOVED my session with Jamie! She was so present and fun, she made me feel comfortable right away and that allowed me to drop into a space of playing with myself and together with her. It’s fun what can happen and what shows up when we don’t need to explain everything but just play around with ideas in this abstract way. I felt more expansive and in my body after my session! Thanks, Jamie.”

-Kristi P., Brooklyn

“I feel like I benefited greatly by working with Jamie. She was really easy to talk to and always asked great questions that allowed me to go deep within to answer. This is totally her calling…in other words “she was born for this”! I liked the opportunity to go back into my past and understand my play personality. After just two sessions with her, I felt that I had permission to have a play personality without having to make excuses for myself. I am really grateful that Jamie is using her God given talents to help myself and others.”

Eileen M., Pennsylvania

“Great way to re-engage with one’s own creativity that simmers just below the surface! All it takes is permission sometimes and the right environment, to allow a deluge of pent-up creativity can pour out! Jamie does a great job of facilitating just that!”

-Anita B., NYC

“Fun and good way to discover yourself!”

-Patricia R., NYC

“Jamie has a gentleness that allows those around her to play free from shame or self-consciousness. Her bright energy and humor gradually, patiently, help folks (re)discover parts of themselves that were shut down or dormant.”

-Kat L., New Haven, CT

“Playing with, and watching Jamie play with others has been an important part of my work for the last few years. She has an exquisite balance of tenderness and humor: helping you feel both comfortable enough to share, and brave enough to play with the stuff that can be challenging.” 

-Adam Reynolds, Restless Playspace DvT, NYC

“Playing with Jamie felt easy and fun. I was comfortable, which led me to feel more creative. My creative self is where I feel the most powerful.”

-Chantal, NYC
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