Refresh. Innovate. Profit.

Is your company ready to retain enthusiastic, productive and innovative employees while preventing workplace burnout altogether?

Problems begin to brew when workplace stressors become overwhelming and the passionate startup energy becomes stale. Employees are calling in sick more than ever and coming in to work later and later or even sneaking out earlier.

More and more mistakes are being made. Cliques are forming in the office, people are commiserating in secret and perhaps even planning to quit…

Is your company ready to get happy?

Every company wants to feel confident about the health, happiness and commitment of their employees. Losing top employees is costly and breaks momentum. Every company that is growing at a fast pace while increasing employee work load is at risk for burnout.

I’m here to help!

Hi, I’m Jamie Lynn McCoppin.

My corporate packages are designed to decrease stress and increase happiness.

A short list of benefits to working with me include:

  • enhanced profits
  • employee retention
  • improved work relationships
  • more productive workforce
  • reduced expenditures
  • improved communication
  • renewed energy
  • increased innovation and creativity
  • positive and healthy work environment

It’s true that more and more companies are on the right track with employee wellness programs. Meditation and exercise are extremely valuable and important, but many companies neglect the social and emotional component of wellness.

The wonderful thing about “play” is that it addresses ALL components of wellness including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is the premiere holistic and low-cost approach to wellness in the workplace.

“One of my gifts is bringing light to dark places and play to unlikely spaces.”

-Jamie Lynn McCoppin, Founder of Spark of Play

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